Infective Endocarditis
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What Are Its Effects?

Infective Endocarditis has a variety of possible symptoms, some of which may be initially overlooked. These include low-grade fever, chills, nocturnal sweating, heart murmurs, weight loss, back and joint pains, and fatigue.

As the disease progresses, there may be high fever, chills, swelling of the abdomen and extremities, shortness of breath, confusion, and rapid or irregular heartbeat. The valves and tissues of the heart are physically damaged by the bacterial infection, which may cause heart failure.

The main difference between the Acute and Subacute forms of Infective Endocarditis is the rate at which the various symptoms appear - suddenly in the acute form, gradually in the subacute form.

Infective Endocarditis is almost always fatal if untreated.